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2010 July « Sight + Sound

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What influence does noise have on the rate of violence? Is there a predictive relationship? Logically, we could imagine one scenario in which noise causes stress and that stress is transferred in the form of violence. In this hypothetical pathway, how does one’s ability to cope with noise impact the relationship between noise and violence?  These are just a few questions that surfaced when reading the following article by a fellow word press-er, who highlights the pervasiveness of man-made sound/noise. More to come from the research community…

2010 July « Sight + Sound.


HARD HITTING: Domestic violence programs strapped for funding |

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Everybody is being hit hard by decreases in funding, and government funded service delivery programs, projects, and coalitions are no exception! This article hits on issues discussed in the most recent Georgia Injury Prevention Program meeting on April 8th… funding, funding, funding, funding.  Georgia Occupant Safety Programs were the topic de jour, but the impact extends beyond car seats and domestic violence programs. Ultimately, the economic climate has caused more Georgians to seek assistance. Unfortunately, when it comes to government assistance, the supply does not shake a stick at the demand. Cutting to the chase,

“This year, at least $300,000 (roughly 6 percent) is likely to be subtracted from the budget and there are no plans to restore those funds next year. State legislators are trying to use federal stimulus money as a temporary fix. However, as state revenues continue plunge, next year’s funding is at risk.”

Faster and furious:

Less government funds+ less private donations= fewer resources

Given this reality, no time is better than the present for private/not-for profit violence prevention practitioners to infuse serious business savvy and creativity into fund solicitation.  An ounce of prevention is worth… Better yet, an ounce of resource allocation to sophisticated marketing and solicitation may convince sponsors to open their wallets, which may buy an ounce of prevention, which is worth a pound of cure.

Corporate sponsorship is a sink or swim arena and only the most convincing or well-connected entities win the hearts of the board room. Yes, for-profit organizations are becoming more responsible and quest for philanthropic pursuits. However, the choice to fiscally support a particular mission is just that, a choice, an informed choice.  Further, the odds are even slimmer with more initiatives gaining visibility and less overhead to fund them.  Winning this game is not impossible, but it sure requires strategy.

What are your thoughts, ideas, experiences, resource recommendations, etc on this topic? More importantly, what works and what doesn’t work.  We want the good, the bad, the ugly.

Domestic violence programs strapped for funding  |